Thun BRITAIN- next NaabsaMAX product tanker is operating for Geos Group Ltd.s operating for Geos Group Ltd.

News from Thun Tankers BV:

Our product tanker Thun Britain, with ”NAABSA” design — Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground — has been delivered
and as of today, she is entering into a long-term agreement with UK based Geos Group Ltd.
The “Thun Britain” is the second in a series of two ordered NaabsaMAX size tankers. In November 2020 the sister vessel “Thun Blyth”
was delivered and has since then been trading for Geos Group.
Thun’s long experience of building resource efficient, high quality vessels has been used in the design process. Focus has been to
maximize the vessel´s cargo intake and increase in-port performance; with the scope to allow further increased cargo lot sizes going
into restricted niche ports.
”With two high quality NaabsaMAX size tankers we can offer increased flexibility in this niche segment. These tankers have been
built to the absolutely latest design, enabling Geos Group Ltd. and their clients access to the most efficient and sustainable transport
solution available in this segment.“ – Joakim Lund, CCO, Thun Tankers BV.
Thun Britain is built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V. and was launched in Leer in the beginning of January 2022.

For further information please contact:
Joakim Lund, CCO, Thun Tankers BV
+46 704 233247
Barry Newton, MD, Geos Group Ltd
+44 1491 845474